Lakewood Master Bathroom Reveal


You might remember that over the summer we started (and finished) a master bathroom remodel in Lakewood. If you forgot where we started be sure to revisit the original post. While we’re still working on other projects for Jamie and Dwight (like their kitchen and laundry room) we couldn’t wait to share their fresh and classic bathroom. Their post-war era home was in need of some major updates, and we had to fix problems left behind in the bathroom like shoddy construction, rot, and mold. Suffice it to say that bad tile work leads to water getting into your walls and subfloors, which is never a good thing. No one wants to live in a house worried about mold or water damage. I’m glad that this project could give Jamie and Dwight the peace of mind that those problems have been fixed.

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Our Front Yard Makeover – The Final Reveal


Here it is y’all! The final front yard makeover reveal. If you’re just getting here be sure to head back to the original plan. We absolutely love it, and it has somehow made us love the house even more (how is that even possible?). We spend a lot of nights and weekends out here. We’ve love having our friends over for drinks and sitting around the fire pit catching up. Not to mention how much time we spend inside enjoying the views to the new yard.

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Lakewood Classic Traditional Bathroom

Bathroom Inspiration 1
Image sourced via Pinterest

In the last month I started working on a bathroom remodel for two of my dearest friends, Jamie and her husband Dwight. The whole project started when Jamie asked me to look over the plans her landscape designer had proposed for her backyard. At the time, I had just finished the Crhacienda front yard and she was looking for a second opinion on what her designer presented. In short, Jamie wasn’t happy with what he planned and she decided to hold off on her backyard project for a while. Instead, her focus moved inside the house to projects that she and Dwight have been wanting to do. Home projects have the tendency to turn into what I like to call the “When You Give A Mouse A Cookie Syndrome”. Named for the 1985 children’s book following the tale of mouse who gets a cookie. Soon the mouse wants a glass of milk, and then a straw, and then a napkin, and so on and so on. One thing always seems to lead to another with home projects, and Jamie and Dwight had narrowed in on their bathroom as the first hurdle. Continue reading “Lakewood Classic Traditional Bathroom”

Our Family Room Makeover

Our family room (which was an office, which was also a guest bedroom, which was also a storage room) has been a room that I’ve struggled with since we moved into Crhacienda. It was such an awkward space that we didn’t know how we would use it. Without a purpose for a space it’s very challenging to design it.

In the last few weeks we decided that we finally wanted to make the room a den/family room for us to just relax and watch T.V. Our living room in the front of the house just isn’t working because the T.V. is always competing with our picture window as a focal point. I’ve tried every layout for our living room, but we can never find the sweet spot to watch T.V., entertain, and enjoy the view of the front yard. Once we figured out that the T.V. was the easiest part of the equation to remove the family room started to come along fast.

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Our Guest Bedroom Introduction

Hi Friends. If you’ve been following along with my Instagram stories, you know that most of my focus has been on a big client project and on the front yard at Crhacienda. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been making progress on the inside of the house. Today I’m giving you a peak into the guest bedroom.

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Our Front Yard Makeover


As we continue working on projects on the inside of Crhacienda, we’ve picked up the pace on the outside. Specifically, the front yard. We’re still technically in Winter, but  with Southern California weather we can enjoy the outdoors almost all year round so we’re getting a move on. My dream house always had a big yard even though I was raised in the suburbs. Where most houses had small yards, the house I grew up in was zoned to have horses on property so it had a big yard (about 1 acre). If I wasn’t playing in my yard then I was a block away at my Grandparents’ house in their equally giant yard. The Crhacienda front yard is about 2400 square feet and the house is around 1500. We knew from the moment we first saw the house that the front yard was a missed opportunity to create useful space. We didn’t want to have a beautiful front yard that was only used as a pathway to the front door.  Continue reading “Our Front Yard Makeover”

We’re Building A Guest House

Over here at Crhacienda we’re in the planning stages of building our own guest house. Our backyard is huge by local standards. We have about 3100 square feet in our backyard that is a complete blank slate. The plan is that the finished backyard (one day) will have a pool, guesthouse, outdoor living area, and a courtyard. That might sound like a lot, but we want to create a compound-like atmosphere reminiscent of old Spanish homes. This will create a series of intimate spaces for entertaining and relaxing. Many of you are asking, “Why aren’t you building to pool first?” and I’ll tell you why.

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Styling Finds To Elevate Your Home

Styling Finds

I’ve been gone for a minute. Between client work, school, and just life in general I sometimes find it challenging to set aside time for blogging. The trouble with blogging is that I feel the need to use pretty pictures to keep you reading my thoughts. So today I decided to give you a lot of pretty things that you can use to elevate your home’s style. You don’t need a lot of money, in fact, each item here is less than $32. So treat yourself, and your home, to something nice!

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Our Master Bathroom Plan + Sneak Peak

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Having a master suite is a bit of modern idea. Just like our fancy phones and their interwebs, you didn’t need them before they existed, but now you can’t seem to live without them. In 1930 you would have been hard pressed to find a house built with an ensuite. Crhacienda is weird in that both of the bathrooms are Jack-and-Jill, so we didn’t have the private space that we were used to when we lived in our condo. Having a master suite is better for the value of the house, and it’s an investment we will get a lot of enjoyment out of. Eventually, our master bedroom will become my office, or maybe even a guest bedroom, and having a private bathroom for that space is a big “nice to have”.  Continue reading “Our Master Bathroom Plan + Sneak Peak”

The Full Crhacienda House Tour


We’ve been living in the Crhacienda for a few months now and have started to get used to all the little things that make it unique. We’re also realizing the things we can live with and the things we can’t. Contrary to what HGTV would have you believe, most people don’t just jump right into a new home and remodel it. Whenever possible I think it’s sensible to live in a space and get a feel for it before you go ripping it apart. I mean, it’s not like construction takes time and money. But, whatever. You all know I can’t resist making plans, so there are some smaller projects in the works. More on that in future posts.

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