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One thing we’re always on the hunt for is unique lighting – special fixtures to be the jewelry of a room. I’m usually attracted 3 types of lighting: 1) expensive 2) antique/vintage, and sometimes as a result of #2 are 3) one-of-a-kind or rare. …Basically unicorn hunting. So I was really excited when I saw the new collections from Zio and Sons and Colin King. They were recently launched at the semi-annual Las Vegas Market, a designers-only trade show. But the good news is that everyone will be able to buy these new collections!  


The Zio and Sons collection with Mitzi is fun, classically inspired, and wallet-friendly. I’ve been a longtime fan of Zio and Sons, and you’ll definitely love their tile collection too if you’re a fan of zellige (who isn’t?) There’s such a great variety in their new lighting, they really do have something for every space. And bonus points go to their elevated styling so you can be bougie on a budget.


man standing next to lamps


bedroom with big chandelier


Don’t you wish you had a rich Aunt with an apartment in Paris or Milan? Then you’re going to die for Colin King’s collection with Troy Lighting. They have that vintage/antique energy that instantly feels chic in a space. 


Power of Objects with Colin King


Colin King Cedar Wall Sconce – Meadow Blu


Here are some of our favorite picks from each collection. We love the idea of using a mix of table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces to create warm puddles-of-light effect in the evenings. Which ones are on your must-have list?


a variety of light fixtures


Beverly Pendant – Zio and Sons for Mitzi

Havana Chandelier – Zio and Sons for Mitzi

Camille Wall Sconce – Zio and Sons for Mitzi

Gaia Table Lamp – Zio and Sons for Mitzi

Dion Pendant – Colin King for Troy

Alameda Sconce – Colin King for Troy

Pearce Floor Lamp – Colin King for Troy

Arden Pendant – Colin King for Troy