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Hello! I’m Shaun Crha (sir-ha). I started Wrensted Interiors in 2017 after leaving a 13-year banking career because I wanted a more fulfilling life. The only thing harder than going back to school to study design (while working full-time) was leaving my career to start over as a design intern.

Now several years later I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life! I was encouraged to make this change from the example set by my family – the Wrensteds. The Wrensteds immigrated from Denmark to the American West at the turn of the last century and made countless courageous steps to better themselves and the life of their family. I’m inspired by them on a daily basis.

Wrensted Interiors is based in Long Beach, CA and serves clients in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our designs are focused on creating livable and functional spaces for busy professionals and young families. You’ll find spaces that reflect a relaxed Californian perspective that incorporate unique and vintage pieces to create a collected home. 

Contact Us to request a consultation so we can help create a home that truly represents you!