Wrensted Interiors is lead by Principal Designer, Shaun M Crha. As a Southern California native, Shaun grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors by camping, fishing, and hiking with his family. Like many designers, Shaun’s first foray into design was rearranging furniture in his family’s living room or his own bedroom. While he nurtured an interest in the arts in school he ultimately began a career in banking. After 13-years building his business acumen he transitioned to the world of interior design full-time in 2017. While interning with Kathryn M Ireland, Inc. he further honed his technique and skill to create thoughtfully considered homes as part of their world-class team. Shaun continues to study at The Art Institute to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.

Wrensted Interiors’ portfolio reflects an eclectic, accessible, and well-travelled sensibility that often includes a bohemian flare unique to Southern California living. Our design philosophy is built on the belief that no home is complete without those items that bring you joy. Things like one of a kind art, accessories, and vintage furniture will add character and charm to a timeless home. Shaun finds that he is constantly inspired to fuel his passion by creating, designing, and curating. Wherever he goes you will usually find him with his two dogs in tow.