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Wrensted Interiors is a full-service residential interior design studio in Long Beach, CA specializing in large-scale renovations, kitchen and bath design, and furnishing & decorating. 

We love bringing a fresh perspective to historic homes or infusing endearing character into newer spaces. We thoughtfully partner with clients throughout greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and beyond! 

Our design team has the skill and expertise to help clients select architectural details and finishes, collaborate with architects and builders, and decorate functional and beautiful spaces. We work on projects of all scales and would love to partner with you to create the home of your dreams.



If you’re looking for access to our expertise without the full-service commitment we offer both virtual and in-home consultations. During our time together we can advise you on a range of topics from space planning and furniture placement, to materials selections and interior styling. We recommend providing as much information as possible during your online booking so we can make the most of our time together. We love repeat sessions!


Design Sessions offer custom kitchen or bathroom designs without the extended timelines, and investment, of our full-service projects. During this collaborative design experience we provide you with the vision, 3D modeling, real-time sourcing, and specification documents you need to complete your project. Design Sessions give you everything you need to manage your project directly with your contractor! 

You’ll meet with us in our Long Beach, CA studio where we’ll work together to make the final material selections and design decisions. And you’ll leave our office with a complete vision of your project and receive a finalized package within 4 weeks so you’ll be ready to start purchasing and begin your renovation. Book a complimentary Discovery Call with us to learn more about Design Sessions.


Think of this as the “one stop shop” of interior design. Whether you’re remodeling or furnishing a home, we’re involved in the entire process to create a complete and cohesive plan that reflects your style and needs. These projects allow us to flex the full range of our creativity and expertise.

We’ll help bring the right team together to execute your project, reduce costly mistakes, and streamline the process. From the initial concept development to the final installation we’ll provide support through procurement and project management to coordinate a smooth execution of the design plan. Our goal is to keep your project on schedule and on budget while delivering the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Bedroom Left Nightstand



As soon as you schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting with us we’ll send you a copy of our Client Investment Guide. We want you to have this before our Zoom meeting so you have time to understand our process and rates. That way you’re ready to discuss your investment, style, preferences, timelines, and goals. 


This complimentary meeting is our first chance to learn about you and your project. It also helps establish if we’re the right fit for your goals. We want you to feel 100% confident that we’re the right partner, because when problems come up (like they do with every major project) we still want you to feel like sharing a dirty martini with us once we solve the problems. 


Consultations aren’t meet-and-greets at Wrensted interiors. These are working meetings where we get down to business. We want to get to know you, your family, your home, and your goals. Yes, you’ll be showing us around; but we’ll also be dropping our design knowledge and recommendations as we go. We chat about realistic budgets, feasability, and let’s be honest – this is your chance to make sure you’ll like working with us. And we’re doing the same thing! If we’re going to be getting into a long-term relationship like our Full-Service design, then we want to know we’re a good fit so you have confidence as you head into such a large undertaking. 

Based on your initial consultation, we’ll develop a detailed and customized proposal that outlines our estimates hours, fee structure, timeframe, and some important policies. Think of Proposals as working documents that can be modified to best fit the project goals. In this way, you can be confident that you have a realistic foundation for your project. We send our Proposal together with our full Contract and your design fee Retainer so you can make an informed and complete decision.

Let the fun begin! You’ll complete some homework so we can dial in more of your preferences before we start working on the conceptual design. If needed, this is also when we begin partnering with your architect or builder to develop the best plan for your home. 

It sounds easy, but we do a lot here: developing floor plans, color schemes, sourcing fabrics and furniture, developing lighting and material plans, and designing cabinetry. We’ll create a detailed set of drawings with samples and example photos so we can gather quotes and pricing. You can expect consistent communications and meetings to ensure that we’re on the right track.

Once you’ve approved your final design presentation, we’ll begin ordering for your project. This allows us to streamline the process and reduce errors during your project. We use a receiving warehouse to inspect and hold furnishings and fixtures until they’re ready for white-glove delivery and installation. You’ll receive regular updates on when everything is expected to arrive.


Believe it or not – this is the make it or break it for most projects. Our team will manage your project with responsiveness and attentiveness to ensure tradespeople work seamlessly, deliveries are prompt, the schedule is on track, and no detail is overlooked. Throughout this phase, we will be available to ensure that any outstanding items are addressed. For renovation projects, we will be in constant communication with your contractor and their team to ensure that the design plan is being executed correctly.


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Once all the hard work has been completed according to our exacting plans, we’ll coordinate the delivery and installation of your furnishings and accessories to complete your home. When possible we plan for this to be completed in a single day so you can experience the joy of a final reveal. We plan to incorporate accessories, art, lamps, throws, vases, and so on because the final styling is what truly elevates your space. Now we’re ready to toast to your renewed home and all the fabulous memories you’ll make there!

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