Styling Finds

I’ve been gone for a minute. Between client work, school, and just life in general I sometimes find it challenging to set aside time for blogging. The trouble with blogging is that I feel the need to use pretty pictures to keep you reading my thoughts. So today I decided to give you a lot of pretty things that you can use to elevate your home’s style. You don’t need a lot of money, in fact, each item here is less than $32. So treat yourself, and your home, to something nice!

  1. Leather Tray | $22 | Here’s the perfect accessory for your closet, entry table, or nightstand. This leather tray adds a natural accent to your surfaces and helps to corral all of the wayward junk from your pockets. You can find them in several vegetable dyes to suit your fancy all while supporting a local craftsperson.


  1. Planter | $34 | Plants are essential to creating a healthy environment in your home. Yes, this means you’ll have to take care of it. But this modern planter is a small commitment even if you have a black thumb. Try a succulent or an air plant for a low maintenance way to add some life into your home. It’s small enough to perch on a side table or nightstand, but if space gets tight this one comes with a loop to convert it into a hanging planter.


  1. Brass Robe Hook | $13.57 | Do you and your significant other argue over how to hang a bath towel after using it? Yeah, it’d be nice to fold them proper, but that hotel fold that looks so pretty could slow down their drying considerably. It’s the age-old balance between form and function. Enter the robe hook. When used as a towel hook it can replace towel bars to free up wall space, reduce arguments about folding, and aid in the drying process. It’s a win-win-win! Now your towels will look effortless all the time.


  1. Marble Utensil Holder | $21.99 | I do love me some marble. It’s a timeless and durable material. Using this utensil holder in your kitchen will help clear up clutter and keep your most used weapons at your disposal. Slotted spoon? Whoop- there it is! Salad tongs? BAM! You’ll save time since you’re not opening drawers and doors to get to everything and your kitchen will look good in the process.


  1. Linen Pillowcase | $12.99 | I’m not necessarily on the linen bedding bandwagon, but that’s more because my OCD hates seeing it wrinkle. Having said that, there is something enticing about those linen-clad beds pictured in shelter magazines. Want the look without the commitment? Try using this pillowcase as a decorative sham.


  1. Hinge Pin Door Stops (10) | $19.95 | Traditional door stops mount on your baseboards, and while they serve a respectable purpose they sure don’t win any points in the aesthetics department. They’re also notorious for drawing in little toes like sirens to sailors. Don’t be fooled! There’s a better way to save your toes and clear up some visual clutter. Hinge pin door stops install in your existing door hinges and can be adjusted to stop the door at your preferred location. They’re relatively inexpensive and the finishes can be matched to your existing hardware.


  1. Marble Shelf | $31.99 | Gold Shelf Bracket | $15.99 | Speaking of marble, these gold shelf brackets and marble shelves would be a perfect pairing with your vanity table for makeup and brushes. Have a small entryway? This is a great place to catch your keys and mail as you come in the door. Try using these in a gallery wall to display your favorite keepsakes between your photos.


  1. Turkish Bath Sheet | $24.99 | Turkish towels are an immediate way to bring casual refinement to your bathrooms. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and may be referred to as Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels. Whatever their name – they are wonderful! Turkish towels are made from cotton in a thin weave. The long, woven fibers, increase absorbency, and because they are thinner they dry quickly. That means they are less likely to develop that mildew smell that plagues traditional terry towels. Finally, you’ll love how they get softer with every wash.


  1. Spice Bowls | $19.99 | If you find yourself cooking for any length of time, you’ll notice certain spices are needed for a majority of your recipes. Why put them away in a cabinet or spice rack only to get them back out every day? These spice bowls are so beautiful you can leave them on the counter all the time.


  1. Cork Jar | $20 | You’ll never see a box of Q-tips or a set of nail clippers hanging out on the bathroom countertop in Architectural Digest. Magazines tell us lies about how people live, and we want to believe we can live that same clean and orderly lifestyle too. That’s where organization comes in, but it doesn’t have to be plastic containers and buckets. This cork jar is the perfect place for your cotton balls, various plucking and primping tools, or even your bobby pins. Put this bad boy on a small tray and organizing never looked so good. And you’ll feel good too for supporting a small artist.