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Our job is to be responsible with our clients’ money, which includes the time we spend creating your design plan. There are things you can do to keep billable hours from piling up unnecessarily:

  • Be honest with your design team about your likes, dislikes, goals, and visions. We like to refer to this as “ripping off the band-aid”. We do not take it personally when clients have constructive feedback, because the design is about you – not us!
  • Be specific with feedback so we can revise design elements or concepts accordingly. Try statements like “we imagined a more traditional table” instead of “that table is weird”.
  • Be wise with revisions to the design. If you’re in love with a $3000 sofa we present, but just wish it were closer to $2500, remember that you will need to pay us for our time to source another sofa for you. In the end, we may find the $2500 sofa, but it may have taken another $500 worth of design time to source it.
  • Be selective about who you share the design with because you can have too many opinions. Home design is like baby names. If you share the name with everyone while you’re pregnant everyone will have suggestions for the best baby name. But, if you wait to share the name until you bring the baby home, then everyone will just say “oh, how lovely!” What matters most is whether you’re happy with the design.