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The Crhacienda Casita Guest House bedroom suite


Today’s post is all about the bedroom space at the Crhacienda guest house (or the Casita, as we like to call it). It turned out calm, relaxed, and has the perfect amount of texture and color without feeling busy. This space has all the amenities a guest could need to be comfortable and I like to think of it as its own master suite. Let’s get to it!


Guest room sitting area and built-in closets


The entire Casita is new construction which made it amazing to see all of our ideas come to life from the ground up. From the beginning, we knew the guest house needed to feel like it belonged to the main house- our 1930 Spanish Bungalow. We added elements like the iron doors and the warm wood floors to bring a sense of significance and history to the new construction. The guest house has almost complete privacy from the main house too so it’s peaceful for guests.


A small and bright guest room sitting area


We layered in tons of texture and character through textiles and everything softened right up. There’s a good mix of new and vintage pieces so nothing feels too precious. The vintage rug grounded the bedroom space and helped create a cozy sitting area at the end of the bed. It’s the perfect place to sip your coffee in the morning wrapped up in a blanket.


Small guest room niche for bed and closets


We built the bed into a niche between the closets and storage so we didn’t lose extra floor space. It helps add a sense of intimacy and when you’re sitting in bed at night you feel almost like you’re wrapped in the room. The sconces make it a perfect place to cuddle up with a book before nodding off to sleep too.


Guest bedroom with bench

I’m pretty pleased with how the entire space turned out, the only thing I might change would be to use darker draperies or add a blackout lining to the existing ones. When you want to sleep in the white fabric doesn’t block much light. Otherwise, the entire space is a great little getaway right in our own backyard.


Get The Look + Casita Bedroom Sources


1. Tie Dye Pillow (similar) | 2. Tray (similar) | 3. Wood Bowl (similar) | 4. Wrensted Book | 5. Bed (similar) | 6. Ocean Print | 7. Sconces | 8. Rug (similar) | 9. Planter (similar) | 10. Draperies | 11. Iron Doors | 12. Loveseat | 13. Bedcover | 14. Throw (similar) | 15. Commune Book | 16. Coffee Table (similar) | 17. Large Scale Art (similar) | 18. Small Planter | 19. Agnes Martin Book | 20. Hardware | 21. Closets | 22. Brass Coasters (similar) | 23. Chinese Pattern Pillow (similar) | 24. Bench (similar) | 25. Hemp Striped Pillow (similar) | 26. Indian Woodblock Pillow (similar) | 27. Side Table


Photography by: Sara Ligorria-Tramp


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