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We know first hand how much work goes into creating a beautiful home and that the hundreds of decisions you need to make can be overwhelming. Our virtual and in-home interior design consultations help our clients take advantage of our education and expertise so they can get over their decision paralysis and focus on getting their projects over the finish line. 

These sessions are perfect if you’re chipping away at the design of your home, or working on a large-scale project, where you’d like to have a second opinion along the way. We love repeat sessions and seeing you reach your goals. We’re overjoyed when a consultation client decides they love our help so much that they’d like to transition to our Full-Service design offerings. 



Lover of old homes, novice gardener, and martini enthusiast. After a career in finance and wealth management he went back to design school and established Wrensted Interiors in 2017. He loves consultations because they let him flex his design muscles.


Mini VIRTUAL ConsultationS

We’ll meet over Zoom during this 30-minute meeting. These are perfect for focused goals or repeat clients.

Virtual ConsultationS

During these 60-minute sessions over Zoom we can help you with a variety of home goals or larger projects.

In-Home ConsultationS

These 90-minute sessions are used to initiate our Full Service design projects or as stand-alone sessions.



Consultations are great for those who are seeking our professional advice and expertise. Whether you need our eye to help you conceptualize your space from scratch, or you’re seeking a second opinion to help your own efforts, we’re here to support you. Consultations are also used to help determine if we’re a good fit for a larger full-service project you have in mind.

Whether you select an in-home or virtual consultation we’ll offer our guidance, support, and advice. Our goal is for you to get your home-related questions answered and give you the confidence to finish the work on your own. E-design services involve more from us, and commonly include a series of virtual consultations and are designed to provide you a specific set of deliverables like mock-ups, or a full room design that we create for you. 

Full-service interior design involves hiring us to fully design and execute your spaces. This means you’ll invest in a larger design fee, and generally a larger overall project investment, to see your rooms, or your full home, come to life.

Cancelled appointments are subject to a $25 cancellation fee which will be deducted from the refund balance. This fee can be avoided by rescheduling your appointment to another time.

Our standard consultations are 60+ minutes, but our Mini Consultations are 30 minutes and are perfect when you just have a couple of questions or specific topics that may not fill an entire 60+ minute meeting.

Here are some of the topics we can help with (but aren’t limited to):

  • – Furniture and home decor selection and placement
  • – Floor plan layout
  • – Stores and brands to consider
  • – Styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls, etc.)
  • – Paint/wall treatments and drapery/window treatments
  • – Cabinetry and built-ins
  • – Fixtures, finishes, and trims
  • – Construction and remodel ideas
  • – Exterior design
  • – Revisions for architectural plans 

We’re pretty generous during our consultations, but sometimes we can’t share everything, for example:

  • – Sensitive information about past clients and their budgets.
  • – Personal contacts like custom vendors or contractors
  • – Providing super precise measurements
  • – Personally ordering any items or overseeing construction
  • – Tangible design deliverables beyond guidance and support (like CAD renderings or room mockups)

We’d encourage you to gather a list of questions and topics you wish to cover prior to your consultation so you can maximize your time and get all the answers you need. We also encourage you to take notes and save any links or information shared with you during your session since we don’t save them after your session. If you have more questions, or we run out of time, we’d love to have you book another session!

You will be given an opportunity to write some short notes when booking the consultation so you can guide your questions and topics, you’ll also be able to share links to documents or inspiration boards along with details about your home, style preferences, and budget. Some clients choose to prepare a presentation with relevant details and photos for us to refer to during their session.

We use Zoom for video consultations which is accessible via your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone camera so you can show us around your space. You can also share more with us using Zoom’s screen share feature.

This is totally optional, but really helpful: write out a list of all the questions you’d like to get answered including any links you’d like to share with us. You can prepare these in a simple document or slideshow including any photos of your space, existing furniture pieces, things you’ve been shopping for, moodboard images, swatches – anything you like!

We firmly believe in the strength of our expertise and industry knowledge to help you, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be satisfied with all the advice you receive, nor take responsibility for the results of any decisions you make following this advice. We don’t offer refunds based on your level of satisfaction with your consultation. We would ask that you contact us at if you believe there was another issue that impacted your consultation. We take reviews and feedback seriously and we’ll do our best to reach a solution that works for you.

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