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White Oak Kitchen Island


Historic Rose Park Kitchen Remodel


A young couple wanted to remodel their 1920 Craftsman-style bungalow in the Rose Park Historic District of Long Beach, California. Their goal was to connect the laundry room, breakfast area, and kitchen into a single unified and open space. They wanted to create a space that could function for a modern lifestyle as their family grows, while still feeling cohesive to the rest of home’s historic charm. By removing the wall that separated the living room allowed for the island to be a new centerpiece for the home.

The clients boldly selected colorful cabinetry balanced with a beaded shaker detail. Wrensted Interiors prioritized retaining the nostalgic integrity of the century-old home by designing custom carpentry that draws from Craftsman-style profiles. New wood windows were crafted to match the original windows, and were placed to optimize daylight. Additional storage and workspaces were injected throughout the space to facilitate entertaining and daily living since the family who loves to cook.


Interior Architecture & Design: Wrensted Interiors

Architecture: Udoff Designs

Construction: Belmont Builders

Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography

Styling: Markos Felix-Martinez

Historic Home Renovation Long Beach
Farmhouse Sink with custom carpentry on island

Living in a century old house doesn't have to mean living in a museum. We created these spaces so they would function for a young family, while still being respectful to the original character of the home.

Colorful kitchen cabinets with centered oven
White oak island and green cabinets
Centered oven with plaster hood
Beaded shaker cabinets
Beaded shaker cabinets with zellige tile backsplash
White zellige tile backsplash and green cabinets