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The Process

The interior design process from the beginning is long and complex, more than most people imagine. The first part of the design is more creative then the second part becomes more “technical”. After the design is created, presented and approved by the client, the actual procurement process happens. This can be very intense and important time of the design process.

When you work with us at Wrensted Interiors for your procurement needs, we will ensure that the highest level of quality is delivered in the most reasonable amount of time without the stress.

We will communicate with all suppliers regarding specifications, ordering, quality inspections, coordination, delivery and financials.
In this stage, everything is examined, and nothing is left to chance. Every furniture finish, every fabric detail or color specification is recorded and registered.

We will carefully inspect each item, assemble furniture when necessary, and hold all items in our warehouse until the installation date.

When the installation date arrives, we will deliver your items. Bring them into your home, install each item in it’s appropriate place, and remove any items from the space that you no longer need.

Below, you’ll find a sample invoice from retaining Wrensted Interiors for your procurement needs.


If you intend to procure your own items, please note:

» You are responsible for all orders

» You are responsible for shipping and timeline management

» You are responsible for delivery management

» You are responsible for assembly

» You are responsible for packaging/shipping material disposal

» You are responsible for managing damages, returns, incorrect items received


Sample procurement invoice


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