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Week 2 of our One Room Challenge is underway! We’re already making progress, and there hasn’t been a single freak out (yet). Keep scrolling to see how things are moving along. If you missed our first week, don’t stress, you can visit our Week 1┬ápost with our design plan and before images.



After taking all of our things out of the laundry room we were ready for some demolition. We got the shelves off the walls just in time for the new Velux sun tunnel to get installed by the roofer. I managed to snap the photo above while he was working, look at all the light coming in before he placed the reflective tunnel! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this room needed natural light. The laundry room was full of shadows before, even when the lights were on. Now I won’t need the lights during the day.



While taking down the storage shelves and the hanging bar immediately made the room feel bigger, it also revealed our Swiss cheese walls. Some of the shelves had to be anchored where there weren’t studs and I had to do so much drywall patching. If you’ve never done it before, it involved patches from Home Depot, tons of joint compound (basically pancake mix for your walls) and tons of sanding to smooth it out and blend it in with the existing drywall. By the end, you look like a 1980’s Wall Street banker with a cocaine problem because the white dust is literally everywhere.



We also had to contend with a rat’s nest of cables and cords. Since our laundry room is in the middle of the house, its the most efficient place for one of our mesh wifi network repeaters and the hub of our home security system. We had our electrician install new outlets so the gizmos will be tucked away inside of the new upper cabinet. For now, they just look like oddly placed outlets on the wall, but I promise it will all make sense once the cabinets go in.


Speaking of cabinets, they are set to be delivered this week so there should be some exciting updates and faster progress coming up. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. I’ll be back next Thursday with another laundry room update that will hopefully include the installed cabinetry and some of the millwork!

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