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I’m so excited (and relieved) to finally present the finished laundry room! It’s been rewarding to see everything come together into a beautiful and (much more) functional room. Keep reading to see the full reveal, all the details, and the complete sources from this project. 


We have been on quite a journey, so if you missed anything be sure to revisit the previous posts here: Week 1 (design plan and before images), Week 2 (demo, electrical, and the new skylight), Week 3 (paint, utilities, and starting cabinets), Week 4 (countertop, wainscot, more cabinets, and backsplash), and Week 5 (hardware, lighting, details, touchups). 


I don’t think you can fully appreciate the room as it is now unless you look back at this BEFORE photo from 5 weeks ago. 




What a difference for this small space, right? Even though it’s only 5 ft x 7 ft, I was nervous about committing to a timeline to finish the room since so many things can go wrong during home renovations. Still, I didn’t want that to get in the way of finishing the room. Now every time I walk down the hallway past this room I peak in and smile because I’m so happy I finished it. I don’t have to close off this room in embarrassment anymore! 



You know what’s great about this photo? All the stuff you can’t see. I’m not even going to pretend that I have pretty detergent and fabric softener on display for a photoshoot, because nope. My regular bottles of bleach, detergent, and stain remover are nicely tucked away inside of the upper cabinet. The top shelf of the upper cabinet has our techno-gizmos (that’s a real technical term, folks) like our mesh wifi network and some of the brains of our home security system. As Martha Stewart would say, it’s a good thing. 



The design of the room was really about building in more function as much as it was about making it prettier too. One unexpected outcome was how much quieter the room is now from adding the wainscot, the cabinets, and the small rug. They really helped to deaden the noise in the room. 



To answer your question, no- that’s not our only hamper. The bottom cabinet has two more hamper baskets and some storage for things like extra hangers. We put our clothes for dry cleaning in the basket on top of the dryer.



Everything is right where it needs to be. The wall-mounted drying rack is perfect to hang up wet kitchen and gym towels before they go into a hamper. Folding the first few loads of laundry on the new countertop was gratifying.


Wall Mounted Drying Rack and Valet Hooks


And I have to be real with you, soapstone was totally the right choice for this room. It’s a very durable surface, and while it’s going to be used for folding, it can also stand up to the occasional soap or bleach drip too. Even the vintage rug will stand up to bleach – I’m not kidding! If you don’t believe me, check out the Instagram Story Highlights from Blue Parakeet Rugs, she literally pours bleach onto vintage and antique rugs to prove her point. Older rugs used vegetable dyes where the pigments were cooked into the wool and cotton fibers so they don’t bleed when bleach spills on them. PSA- Do not go trying this with your rugs at home unless you know for certain they are vegetable dyes! I’m not a rug scientist (is that a thing?), but I do know that synthetically dyed rugs will lose their color when bleach is applied. 



Every laundry room needs a place for things like a sewing repair kit, loose change, collar stays from dress shirts, wayward buttons, and even those pesky receipts we find in our pockets. I’m using these vintage pantry boxes because they keep everything organized but still tucked away nicely. Keep scrolling if you’ve been waiting for the sources, because I’m tagging everything below. 


Laundry Room Sources


01 PAINT Dunn Edwards Whisper | 02 CABINETS Builder’s Surplus | 03 SKYLIGHT Velux | 04 RUG Blue Parakeet Rugs | 05 SOAPSTONE COUNTERTOP My Granite Tops | 06 BACKSPLASH Discontinued from Bedrosians – Alternative 1 Floor And Decor, Alternative 2 Cle Tile | 07 DRYING RACK The Container Store | 08 VALET HOOK Amazon | 09 CABINET PULLS Amazon | 10 CABINET KNOBS Amazon | 11 UNDER CABINET LED  Strip Light and Power Adapter | 12 HAMPER BASKET World Market


Thank you so much for following along with my first One Room Challenge. Be sure to subscribe below so you don’t miss what I’m working on next. I’m in the process of readying a few more room reveals from my home (the #crhacienda), including our den and dining room. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below too. It feels so good to be done that it’s got me thinking about doing something bigger for the Spring One Room Challenge. Am I crazy? 


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