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Master Bedroom Materials Board


I’m so excited to be a guest participant in this Spring’s One Room Challenge! If you remember, last Fall was my first year participating and I remodeled my laundry room. Flashback to January – I wasn’t completely convinced I was going to participate again. My design wife/Hot Young Designers Club podcast co-host, Rebecca Plumb (@studioplumb) convinced me that I should get myself together and just do it. Rebecca is one of the featured designers this year and I’m stoked to see her design come to life. So after that push I decided that this time around I needed to do something new creatively and take on a bigger room too. So I’ll be sharing the journey of remodeling our master bedroom with all of you over the next 8 weeks!

If you clicked through from the ORC site, howdy! I’m Shaun Crha, an interior designer in Long Beach, CA. You can see my previous One Room Challenge renovation here. My husband, Sean, and I are currently renovating our 1930 Spanish bungalow – the Crhacienda! We’ve already finished the following spaces: our dining room, laundry room, front garden, and a completely new guest house (the Casita). Thank you for joining us as we tackle our master bedroom! 


The master bedroom of the Crhacienda is going to be a fantastic makeover. I’ve been giving some sneak peaks of what I planned on my Instagram stories, IGTV, and in my highlights so that’s where to go if you’re ready to catch up. The bedroom itself has so much potential because of all the windows and natural light, but if I’m being honest, the 1930 Spanish bungalow architecture is really the MVP of the entire house. It makes you forget about some of the less beautiful parts by distracting you! So yes, our bedroom is already a lovely room, but it’s never felt special or like our own. When we moved to the Crhacienda from our condo in October 2017, we plopped our existing furniture into the gray box and just settled in. Other projects took priority, and we never got around to making our bedroom a place we enjoyed being in.




Here’s a little reminder of how the Crhacienda is laid out. With the bedroom at the front of the house, it definitely gets noticed when we come home or when guests come over. So we’re going to make sure it’s the perfect place for us to face each day and recharge each night.


Crhacienda Floor Plan




Here’s a photo that shows the room as we’ve been living in it since we moved in. The only thing I really did was throw up some curtains I bought on Amazon so we would have privacy…and then I never touched them again. The bed worked perfectly in our old condo, but in order to make it work in the Crhacienda we had to push it off-center to the right side of the room. If it’s centered in the room the headboard blocks too much of the window and it just feels awkward. There’s really no other wall for the bed, so this is one major thing I’ve got to work around.


Spanish Bungalow Bedroom Makeover


Bedroom Before


Bedroom Views


Okay, okay, windows aside – this room doesn’t leave me feeling very energized or inspired. We spend so much of our time in this room that we wanted it to feel special for us and a become a place to recharge. My husband, Sean, loves walking up to the house when he gets home from work and it’ll be great for this room to be a little jewel he can peak at. On weekends especially we love leaving the curtains open and enjoying the views out to the garden.



As we head into the closet, there’s not much to see! It’s super small, but we need it to have more storage for Sean and I. We’ve Marie Kondo’d the heck out of our wardrobes over the last couple years but there’s not much left to cut out and we know the closet has to do more for us. We’re still going to have to store things in other closets of the house, but getting at least our daily wear items into the bedroom will make us more efficient when we’re getting ready for work each day.


Bedroom Closet Before


Don’t you just love that shoe rack? Oooh, so sexy. But you know what is? That sweet little original built-in dresser that we’re definitely keeping. The closet even has a little transom window to let in light and some fresh air. One thing it doesn’t have is enough hanging space.


Closet Before

I’m not kidding here, there’s one hanging bar and a shelf across from the dresser. It just does not do the job and it doesn’t give us the ooh ahh sensation. At. All. We’re going to fix that for sure. There is a bathroom attached to the master bedroom, but we just can’t afford to tackle that in our budget for this round. One day…




Master Bedroom Materials Board


I’m working on a few major design inspirations for this room:

Old World Influence: I want to bring in some architectural interest and add a layer of rustic quality without it feeling forced or tacky.

English Library: Hear me out on this one! Not in an old man’s smoking room kind of way (which can still be cool), but more like a world travelled gentleman’s study kind of way. I just want to be reminded of our travels, memories, and display the collections that we get so much joy from. I’m definitely not known for being a minimalist, so I’ll have to edit myself down and not let this room get too cluttered or full.

Moroccan Charm: We visited Morocco last year on vacation and the textures, colors, and lifestyle has really seeped in to our lives. It’s one of those places that we think about constantly and I want to incorporate some of what we loved about Marrakech into our bedroom so we can be reminded of it every day.

Elevated & Energetic: This room has to find a balance to keep us excited each morning to hit the ground running, and then help us calm down and center ourselves before we rest each night. I know that’s a tall order, but it’s possible! The right blend of color and layers will come together to create the luxurious space we’ve earned after working so hard each day.


Whew! There’s so much more to share, so next week I’m coming back to share the design plan with you and how I’m going to solve the functional problems in the room. Work has already started so be sure to check in on Instagram and see how we’re coming along. In the meantime, the other designers are just as close to finishing so don’t forget to click the logo below to see their work.