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Midcentury Modern Dining Room Wrensted Interiors


This month’s December Etsy finds are almost all less than $50. But I sure hope you’ve got a headstart on your Christmas shopping because most of them won’t arrive in time for Santa to leave them under your tree. Unless they’re just a gift for yourself (because you deserve it!)


Minimal Brass Signet Rings Hand Carved Wooden Scoop


1. Brass Signet Ring | $52. I love these minimal (unisex) brass signet rings, they’re classic and oh-so-cool. Although, the hand model in the picture looks like they’re ready to fight with their brass knuckles.

2. Handcarved Wood Scoop | $41. I love this woodcarver, you have to admire someone who can turn a block of wood into something so beautiful and functional as this spoon. Totally gorgeous.


Striped Linen Turkish Towel Gold Candle Care Kit


3. Linen Turkish Towel | $24. A pair of these lovelies would make a great hostess gift and even better to leave out for guests when they come to visit you for the holidays.

4. Gold Candle Care Set | $27. There never has been a prettier candle snuffer and wick trimmer, they even have a tool to help you pull the wick out of dried wax. I usually see snuffers that are very traditional looking, and I love that this set feels clean and modern.


Ceramic Incense Burner Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag


5. Ceramic Incense Burner | $28. Oh yeah, put some sandalwood on here and start bringing all the good energy to your home. Twirl around like Stevie Nicks and enjoy.

6. Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag | $24. Your coworkers will be so jealous of how fresh you look with this lunch bag. The same company makes some wickedly cool grocery totes too.


Plush Octopus Ceramic House Sponge Holder


7. Plush Octopus | $67. Don’t buy one more generic teddy bear, this is an adorable and unique stuffed animal that will have tons of imaginative play hours ahead of it. Those mopey eyes are so funny.

8. Ceramic Sponge Tray | $18. This little house tray reminds me of a trip to Copenhagen. The photo shows it being used to hold a sponge, so you can daydream of Denmark while washing dishes.


3D Printed Pencil Holder Abstract Water Color Print


9. Pencil Holder | $23. Can you believe this is made from wood and bioplastic (corn plastic)!? So cool. I’m continually in awe of new eco-friendly materials and products and this is a fun fluted cup for your desktop.

10. Abstract Watercolor Print | $28. These colors are totally in my design aesthetic wheelhouse, and you know I’m a sucker for abstract art.


I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far. If you missed our November Etsy Finds be sure to check them out, even though we pulled them together with Fall in mind, they’re gorgeous all year round.