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Counter Stool Round UpThe Crhacienda has a peninsula that opens the kitchen to the dining room which is perfect for us. We enjoy having friends over for a cocktail while we’re still cooking. The best part is that the chef, usually me, still gets to be in on all the hot gossip. Lately I’ve been dreaming of having this space to work on my laptop or eat a casual breakfast. So I put together a roundup of my favorite counter stools. The bonus is that almost all of them come in bar-height too!

While our concept for Crhacienda is Modern Spanish, these stools could all adapt to a number of design styles. From mid-century modern, rustic, Scandinavian, even industrial and traditional. I love them all, even if a few are more aspirational on the pricing. I have my front-runners but I’d love to hear from you before I buy. Which ones are your favorite? Are there any that you absolutely despise? Do you like having backseat Chefs so close to you while cooking?